The Doomed Traveler

by See You In Mexico



The Doomed Traveler is a concept album based on the travels of a man trying to make his way home during the cold of winter. He was sent on a mission to find out what happened to a failed expedition crew, and upon discovering their unfortunate fate, swears revenge on the General who sent them all to their death.


released April 12, 2012

Luci Miner - Violin
Jacob Hill - Drums
Graham Klym - Bass/vocals
Ryan Leavelle - Guitar/vocals
Sonia Myklebust - Cello
Ben Pink - harmonica
Bryan Leavelle - vocals/mixing/mastering



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See You In Mexico New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: In Remembrance
Nobody really wants to die, but there comes a time when some wouldn’t mind. Tonight was one of those nights, the freezing wind was threatening snow and ice. But for now the ground was still dry, there was not a cloud in the sky. His buffalo grazed in the hills near by, as flint and steel collide a spark will light his last fire. The smallest things can be so comforting, when faced with a future full of suffering. So why not burn the biggest logs and drink a skin of wine? There could be no better time to remember friends loved and lost, the horror, and the heavy cost. He reflected on the past and how they meant to sail away, but the sky was thick and gray and it was windless this may, oh they were sore. So they floated to the shore, they moored the boat, recorded a last report dictated by the captain from halfway in his grave. And it said: “two ships capsized on rocks along the cove, supplies were lost and natives drove us far from known terrain. Survival looking grim and the mission’s been abandoned. I pray you find this worth it in the end.” He swore to those that remained that their lives would not be lost in vain and set course east into uncharted plains. Sent to certain death, you stole my future. You’ve made your last mistake. Im coming for you.
Track Name: Captain Pt. 1 (The Buffalo Companion)
Boots slip, a stone tumbles down the slope, each step closer to home, one more farther from hope. Rain in the clouds, watch it darken and hold, it’ll break, hit the ground and wash me back down the road. My buffalo pal helps me shoulder the load, a giant so proud, white and silent as snow. If it weren’t for him I’d be here on my own, if it weren’t for him I’d have died long ago. Softly now it falls, fate faintly calls. Something in the wind, what’s happening my friend? Must have been something he ate, he can’t hold his head up, he can’t walk straight. Captain, oh captain, I’m not as strong as you. I can’t get his head up out of the snow, the light in his eyes is fading slowly. This hopless feeling is starting to grow, if he doesn’t get up, I will not make it home. I can’t get my head up out of the snow, the light in my soul is fading slowly. This hopeless feeling is starting to grow, if I can’t get up, I will not make it home.
Track Name: Cannibal Cavern
CANNIBAL CAVERN - Am I in Hell or in Heaven? My nose cries of Heaven, but Hell tells my eyes. What is this meat I’ve been given? Is that a man roasting over the fire? I hate myself for partaking. I’d purge and repent, but I would not survive. I should be lying there frozen. I should be the one being cannibalized.
Track Name: Wicked Mind
WICKED MIND - My skin turned green as the sky. Mouths of mountains hungrily cry. Cedars swipe as I trudge by. A defenseless fool am I. Since I embarked on this journey, I suspected the wild would consume me, come alive and swallow me whole, carry me to my fate below. Lay me down with my brothers. Lay me down next to Woodrow. Since the day I buried him at sea, tied him to a raft and burned up his body, I’ve longed to soak in lamp oil, light a match, and watch my flesh boil. Lay me down with my brothers. Lay me down next to Woodrow.
Track Name: Captain Pt. 2: The Ghost of Woodrow E. Parker
Who’s that in my bedroom? Who’s that in my kitchen? Whose trailer of shit are they unhitchin? What’d you do with my things? What’d you do with my family? I am abandoned. Will nobody help me? Stop painting my bedroom. Don’t cook in my kitchen. I know you can’t hear me, but I will make you listen. That’s me in the mirror. I am what your children fear. The broken vase on the floor, the cool breeze in your ear that whispers get out.
Track Name: The Doomed Traveler
My clothes are wet, my feet are blue, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Haven’t eaten for a spell, the vultures hear the dinner bell. Moving forward for my friends, relay a tale of bitter end. I’ve no idea of the missions’ intent, but I am for certain that this is not it. I see a doe so very near, I hope she does not see me here. A glimpse of hope, a saving grace, an opportunity to chase. I see a beast about to prey upon the flesh I need to stay alive to find the General out west, and put a bullet in his chest. Too late, they have begun to chase, her blood has spilled into the snow. Suddenly, I get this feeling that I while end up like the doe. No one will ever know.